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000Located in São José dos Campos SP  Brazil and Brisbane QLD Australia, conceived in 2014 by the architect and urbanist Alexandre M Santos, ArcBim is a startup that works in the area of architecture, landscaping, urban planning and interior design.ArcBim comes to the construction market bringing the most modern in engineering and architectural projects.Seated on the BIM platform, the company offers agility and quality with intelligent and compatible projects, as well as offering the most current graphic renderings and animations of the project.ArcBim realizes exclusive commercial and residential projects, we also serve offices, builders and architects who need modeling, humanized plans, 3D renderings and rendered videos for the project’s advertising campaign.


Our team

euAlexandre M Santos

Architect and urbanist.
Graduated from the University of Vale do Paraíba – 2013;
Already worked in the Secretariat of Works of the Municipal Government of São José dos Campos;
He also worked on fence projects and project compatibilization for construction companies such as Gafisa, Viver, Odebrecht, Ezetec, JHSF, Yuny;
BIM Consultant for companies and offices;
Professor of Revit Architecture at SolidWay School in São José dos Campos.





daniDanielle L Ribeiro

Mechatronics Engineer
University of São Paulo – 2008
He worked as a designer at Revap (Petrobras) São José dos Campos;
Planning engineer at ACV Tecline Engenharia;






lucasLucas Dylan

Designer BIM

Civil engineering student






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